About Us

Drive-Revive was established by Steve Nichols after developing the Drive-Revive formula as a part of his paving company. Steve wanted to ensure that the driveways and patios that he installed stayed in the same condition as they were installed and so he created Drive-Revive. After gleaming reviews from many Drive Revive customers, Steve has decided to expand the service to everyone!

How it works:

  • Firstly the area will be pressure cleaned removing weeds, moss and algae. Specific areas that have been damaged by oil stains will also be treated.
  • The area will then be treated with weed killer to kill any new seeds that may be waiting to grow.
  • A fine graded sand will then be brushed into the joints of block paving which prevents any movement of the blocks under the pressure of vehicles.
  • Finally, an all-weather sealant will be applied to the driveway or patio. This gives the area the “wet look” that many customers ask for. The sealant not only improves the life span of the area but also prevents further weed growth, penetration of oil, frost damage and UV rays damage.

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